Checking out the fees Sudburians pay

Fees that Sudburians pay for city services are being examined by Greater Sudbury's auditor general.

Brian Bigger plans to release his findings in July. He said fees for everything — from parking to ice time — usually go up by three per cent each year.

"There are different programs and services where operating expenses are growing at a faster rate and we just want to identify where they may be gaps and challenges that are affecting the budget process," Bigger said.

He noted that the current fee structure might leave the city short-changed.

Another audit on the horizon this year will be an investigation into garbage collection contracts and the design of city roads.

How Greater Sudbury handles dozens of water main breaks is being investigated by the city's auditor general.

Brian Bigger unveiled the audits he has planned for this year at a meeting last night.

His probe of emergency water pipe repairs is due out in March.

Bigger has complained in the past about city staff not turning over important documents.

But he has compliments for staff in the infrastructure department.

"I'm very pleased with the progress of this audit up to this point," Bigger said. "And our success is due to an obvious commitment to improving their operations."

The other audit to be released in March is of the auditor general himself.

His work will be assessed by independent auditors.