A northern Ontario artist says the region is calling her back to showcase her work.

jenna dawn maclellan, who spells her name in all lower case letters, decided it was time to return to northern Ontario, after spending years in Montreal.

"I suddenly felt this really strong desire to move back to northern Ontario," she said.

"I really missed my roots. I missed certain things about where I grew up."

Although maclellan was born on the prairies, she grew up in Sioux Lookout in northwestern Ontario. 

"I guess I'm a bit nostalgic about that childhood, you know, seeing my friends show up to school on a snowmobile," she said.

Self-taught sewing skills

maclellan now calls Owen Sound her home, where she teaches visual arts. 

The artist is currently in Sudbury for her new exhibit at Galerie du Nouvel Ontario. It features recreations of northern Ontario items — such as a curling rock or a bear — made from basic materials, including fabric.

"Fabric was my first medium as a child," she said. "We didn't have a lot of clothing stores around in Sioux Lookout, so I took to teaching myself how to sew."

maclellan's exhibit, called le homecoming, will open Friday at Galerie du Nouvel Ontario.

le homecoming

le homecoming, an exhibit by artist jenna dawn maclellan, features work inspired by northern Ontario. (Supplied/jenna dawn maclellan)