Sudbury Architecture students have a challenging and very northern project for their first major assignment.

The Laurentian University students are working in teams to build ice fishing huts.

A total of 12 huts are under construction this week at the school.

Assistant professor Tammy Gaber said students are using wood, metal and plastic to build them.

"This is the first thing they've ever designed and they're building it."

Research to build the huts started last semester and the cold winter has helped in inspiring the creations.

"We went on a visit recently to Azilda and we got to see the inside and outside of lots of ice fishing huts,” Gaber said.

The students’ huts all turned out differently. Some are small and portable and some are embellished with painted art. There is one nicknamed “cornucopia” for its unique shape.

Student Alice Modl said the project has been hard work, but worth the effort.

“I'm really excited to see this thing behind a snowmobile, and [to see] people actually really excited to use it."

People will have a chance to bring the huts out on the ice soon, as the huts will be auctioned off next month.