Sudbury's airport received a large cheque today from the province to help it build a new hangar.

The 30,000 square foot building will allow Discovery Air — a company that provides aviation and training services to various sectors, including air ambulance and fire services — to expand operations.


The provincial government is supporting an expansion at the Greater Sudbury Airport with an investment of $1 million to build a new hangar.

The new hangar will also house an environmental research lab for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Greater Sudbury Airport CEO Bob Johnston said the airport “will derive revenue in the form of lease revenue … But the larger, more significant, contribution is really to the economy. It's going to create new jobs. It's going to allow us to pursue and diversify our business interests at the Greater Sudbury airport.”

The Northern Ontario Heritage Fund is contributing $1 million to the project. The province says the new facility will create five jobs.