Sudburians sound off on casino location

Sudbury residents who want a casino are split when it comes to where they want it built.

Several locations being considered, but ultimate decision will be made between OLG and business that will build it

Sudbury residents who want a casino are split when it comes to where they want it built.

Hundreds of people attended an open house Wednesday night to share their differing opinions at a city-run event that took place in Tom Davies Square.

The locations being considered are downtown, the south end of the city, and near the corner of the Kingsway and Barrydowne Road. The other option is to keep gaming at Sudbury Downs near Chelmsford.

City resident Lillian Austin said she wants a casino near the bypass in the south end of Sudbury.

She said a tall building with lots of neon lights will draw people away from the highway and into the city.

"And they'll either stop at the casino and then the casino could then put up a big sign [advertising other] local attractions," Austin said.

Keep casino at Sudbury Downs

But for people like Mike Nobel, who is involved in horseracing at Sudbury Downs, putting a casino where the slots are now is ideal.

"I like to leave it right where it is," he said. "I think that's the best spot."

During the meeting, Sudbury's Mayor wouldn’t comment on where she wants a casino to be built. Marianne Matichuk said months ago that she supported a casino downtown, but now she's considering other options.

"There's four different locations," she said.

"I think what we need to look at is where is the best location, where's the best bang for the buck, where's the best bang for the community."

Ultimately the decision on the casino’s location will have to be made between the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and the business that would eventually build the casino.

The public surveys currently underway will be used to provide feedback to the OLG.