The City of Greater Sudbury is searching for the perfect bike rack.

A recently-formed committee will create an inventory of all the bike racks in the city and members will then recommend the best bike rack for the city.


Cortney St. Jean is on a committee that is now taking inventory of all the bike racks currently on municipal property. The committee will eventually recommend a design to the city. (Steve Howard/CBC)

One committee member, Cortney St. Jean, said she will not recommend the city invest in the dreaded "comb" bike rack.

The upside down comb-shaped bike racks can accommodate many cyclists at once, but most bike locks can only fit around the front wheel, making it easier to steal the bike.

"Someone could be walking by this and you'd only see the front wheel left," she said after observing a comb-shaped bike rack.

St. Jean said pedestrians will also benefit from having more bike racks in the city, as some parked bikes become obstacles.

"Bike racks maintain order," she said.

"If you can imagine a cityscape without parking spots — it would be chaos," she said.

"The same will happen once cycling becomes a lot more popular ... you will just have bikes everywhere."

There is no timeline for the project, however the committee has sent out surveys to city's buildings to see what bike racks they currently have on the property.

The group will meet to discuss its progress in June.