Property theft is down in Sudbury — and even auto repair shops are noticing the difference.

The Greater Sudbury Police Service recently reported residential break-ins are down by about 50 per cent, and auto break-ins are down about 40 per cent.

Windshield repair shop worker Robert Blacklock said he's noticed fewer cars are rolling up to the repair shop. Thieves often gain access to vehicles with a rock through the side door window, he said.

"The rock is thrown through the glass with such effort that it actually goes and hits the opposite side of the vehicle in the interior," Blacklock explained. "Usually damaging the other side of the door panel on the inside."

His observation is consistent with police statistics, said police spokesperson Meghan O'Malley.

"We've seen a substantial trend, in that the percentages are going down," she said.

O'Malley noted the dramatic reduction in the crime numbers is directly related to the efforts of the Break, Enter and Robbery Unit — a nine-officer unit formed three years ago.

"Their only job is to investigate, Break, Enter and Robberies," she said.

"Their resources are all allocated to those investigations and they've had a great rate for solving them and for continuing to be on top of what is going on in the city."

Unit members recently went door to door in New Sudbury, reminding people to lock their cars and remove all valuables from their vehicles.