More than 600 college and university students in Sudbury are hearing about the importance of safe drinking this week, as part of a police outreach program.

The Community Alcohol Safety and Enforcement initiative was launched last year by Sudbury police, with help from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission.

Assistant Crown Attorney Len Walker is one of the lecturers talking to post-secondary students. He said police haven't noticed an increase in alcohol-related problems in Sudbury, but the lectures are still important in light of some recent, high profile incidents.

"In the past year, there have been two separate, major assaults on individuals," Walker said.

"Both those individuals were seriously injured. One [had] head injuries and broken bones [and] the other was stabbed. It is likely that these injuries wouldn't have been sustained if the people who caused the injuries hadn't been drinking."

Program lecturers also spoke with about 30 local bar owners and wait staff at Sudbury Secondary School. Participants heard about everything from drunk driving to how they should break up a bar fight.

Walker said a lot of bar owners don't realize they could be criminally liable for injuries that happen at their establishment.

Downtown bar owner Maher Khalil said the information was useful, but it can be hard to enforce the rules when dealing with intoxicated people.

"The biggest thing is that we're ending someone's party, and that's one of the biggest challenges," he said.