Sudbury police say a 21-year-old man has been arrested and charged, after a city bus driver was assaulted on the job.

The driver was struck in the face while working in Coniston early Wednesday morning.

The head of the union representing transit workers said his employees are becoming fearful about going to work.

In the last year, five transit workers have been assaulted on the job, CUPE Local 4705 president Rick Leroux said, and a meeting with the city is scheduled to see what action can be taken.

"We have a whole bunch of proposals, we're just waiting to meet with the employer," he said.

"I did get a call from the director of Sudbury Transit yesterday. He's out of town and when he found out [about the assault] he called me immediately. He wants to meet with me sometime early next and week and he's going to let me know what their intentions are."

A total of five transit employees have been assaulted in the past year, Leroux said, but only two have returned to work. He noted the other three may never be able to drive a bus again after their experience.