A stop work order has been issued at High Strength Plates and Profiles Incorporated in Lively, near Sudbury.

The Ministry of Labour made the demand as part of its investigation following the death of a 38-year-old man Tuesday morning, who was operating a crane at the time.

The man was hauling a 3,000 kg metal plate when the load became insecure.  He was then crushed by the plate.

The ministry is also requiring the company to provide all policies and procedures for the operations of cranes and other lifting devices said spokesperson Matt Blajer.

"One order is they're to develop a written procedure for material handling," he said. 

"The second order is a stop work order that they cannot work at the workplace until we have seen this written procedure and it's been reviewed by one of our engineers."

Sudbury Police said they are waiting of the family’s consent before releasing the man’s identify.

A post mortem of the body was scheduled for Wednesday.