Greater Sudbury is welcoming the hunting of bears this spring within city limits.

City council unanimously opted in to the province's new pilot project at a Tuesday night meeting.

But at least one councillor says the city needs a new bylaw to make sure this doesn't become an urban bear hunt.

City councillor Joscelyne Landry-Altmann, who lives near the downtown and has seen bears in her neighbourhood, said she's concerned urban Sudburians in the same situation next spring will open fire.

'This doesn't give everybody a carte blanche to start shooting in Moonglo and Gatchell ...' - Sudbury Coun. Joe Cimino

Greater Sudbury needs a bylaw outlining where hunting is allowed, Landry-Altmann said.

"Our city encompasses bush, camps, fields, backyards, urban settings and bears have been sighted everywhere."

Sudbury police report the city once had what's known as a firearms discharge bylaw — but now the only regulation is the criminal code, which generally outlaws guns from being used recklessly.

That’s a message councillor Joe Cimino said he hopes the public understands.

"This doesn't give everybody a carte blanche to start shooting in Moonglo and Gatchell and the West End and where have you if they see a bear,” he said.

“Because I think that could cause a lot of anxiety out there in the community."

As for the province's new spring bear hunt, some details still need to be worked out, but the season is set to open on May 1.

All four major cities in northeastern Ontario have now said yes to the province's plan to bring back the spring bear hunt.

Sudbury Mayor Marianne Matichuk said she believes this hunt will reduce the number of nuisance bears — but said the public has to be patient, because it may take years.

"Hunt the bears so that we can lower the population over time, this is a pilot project,” she said.