A survey has found that more Sudbury seniors want to get information face to face — 16 per cent would like a phone call, while only one per cent want to hear from the city by social media or email.

City councillors learned of the survey’s results at its meeting Monday night.

More than 600 Sudburians over the age of 55 were surveyed by the Greater Sudbury seniors’ advisory panel — something the city hadn't done since the early 1990s.

Sudbury city councillor Joe Cimino said the survey is a strike against the trend to spend tax dollars on social media campaigns. The survey confirms what he's noticed dealing with seniors in his ward.

"We're spending money, hand over fist, I think in some cases, on social media, when it's one per cent," he said.

"You know what? Let's not forget the personal touch."

Councillors also learned more seniors are living in their own homes than 20 years ago, but are also less happy with their housing situation.

Housing was among the top concerns for Sudbury seniors in the survey, as was health care, income security and loneliness.

Greater Sudbury seniors’ advisory panel chair Anadel Hastie pointed out the survey showed "99 per cent of seniors recycle. So, when you tell seniors to do something, they do it ... sometimes."

The survey also found that about one third of seniors in Sudbury volunteer and that almost half of them are involved with a community group or club.