Snowmobile trails start closing for season

A strong season for snowmobiling clubs is starting to come to an end now that trails are closed south of Greater Sudbury.

More northern trails remaining open — for now

A strong season for snowmobiling clubs is starting to come to an end now that trails are closed south of Greater Sudbury.

The head of the Sudbury Trail Plan Association said trails are still open north of the city, but how much longer depends on the weather.

"As long as the temperatures remain cool — and don't go above zero too often during the day — we'll keep them open as long as we can," Chuck Breathat said. "But to give a number of days, that will all depend on Mother Nature."

'A bonus'

The snowmobiling season has been better than average because the trails opened earlier than expected, he said, adding the association also sold close to 15 per cent more trail passes this year than last year.

Good weather was the key.

"It's been a better than average season," he said.

"Right about now is about the time the trails generally we ask people to stay off them. So anything from here on in is a bonus."

Breathat noted weather conditions are generally spring-like and snowmobilers need to be careful.

Monitor ice conditions

Depending where you live in northeastern Ontario, the deadline to get your ice fishing hut off the ice may be coming up sooner rather than later.

A conservation officer with the Ministry of Natural Resources said the further north one goes, the longer one has to get the hut off the ice.

Luke Lizotte said anglers need to check what fisheries zone they are in to see when the deadline is and a failure to remove the hut in time can result in penalties.

"They can be charged under the fish and wildlife conservation act and, if any garbage or debris is left behind by owners of ice huts or individuals not removing their ice huts, they can be charged under the public lands act as well," he said.

In the Sudbury region, the deadline to remove an ice hut from area lakes is the end of March.