A skunk with its head trapped in a McDonald's McFlurry cup is lucky thanks to the assistance of two North Bay, Ont. police officers.

On August 8 at 2 a.m., Constable Sarah Kavanagh and Constable Jennifer Dix were on patrol when they spotted a skunk on the street with a cup on its head.

The rescue was captured on video by Constable Dix.

Kavanaugh approached the trapped skunk, tracking it for a distance of approximately five metres.

The video shows Kavanaugh made two attempts to free the cup from the skunk's snout.

After a brief struggle, Kavanaugh plucked the cup free, and both officer and skunk darted in opposite directions. 

There were no reports of spraying.

Police report that Kavanaugh and Dix returned to the scene to retrieve and dispose of the McFlurry cup.