A hot mining sector in the north has created an even hotter job market. Many companies are on the hunt to fill positions, but they're having trouble finding what they need.

This is the case for Bestech, a Sudbury firm that provides engineering, environmental and software services to mining companies.

 "The mines in town are doing quite well," said Bestech recruiter Krista Fellbaum. "And they are hiring as well. (We’re) trying to keep up with … what their needs are."

The demand also highlights a shortage of experience in some areas, such as the skilled trades.

Margaret Flett, a program manager with YMCA Employment services in Sudbury, said new graduates are still struggling to find work and gain the experience they need in their trades.

"There is huge skill shortage out there and until employers start to invest in young people and start to train them, the skill shortage is only going to get worse," she said.    

Flett said she would like to see more companies invest in developing employees — something she said could help meet their needs and the needs of those just getting started on their careers.