Shooter Alex Klem being transferred to southern Ont., for medical reasons

The Ontario Review Board said that serious medical issues are the reason behind the transfer to southern Ontario.

The Ontario Review Board said serious medical issues are the reason behind Alex Klem's transfer to southern Ontario.

Alex Klem walked into Tony Monteleone's menswear store in Sudbury in summer 2010 and shot him in the abdomen.

Klem was charged with attempted murder, threatening to kill, harassment, break and enter and striking a police officer.

He was later found not criminally responsible after the judge in the case said he suffered from paranoia and delusional disorder.

Klem has been in custody at the North Bay Regional Health Centre ever since and the board now says that he is unwell, and refusing to cooperate with his treatment.

Tony Monteleone, who was shot by Alex Klem four years ago, says he is disappointed by what he sees as a favourable ruling for his attacker. He fears Klem will eventually be released, and come after him. (Olivia Stefanovich/CBC)

The board said that Klem has serious medical issues that cannot be dealt with properly in the north so he has been sent to Toronto at least four times in the last year,

Taking this evidence into consideration, the board granted Klem a transfer to a Whitby hospital.

The board says Klem will only make progress if he accepts treatment and engages with the new medical team at the Whitby hospital.