A site selection team has orders from Sudbury City council on the criteria to consider when choosing a location for a new arena.

The five-person team will make a recommendation to council for the new site based on cost, economic impact and parking.

Each factor carries a "value" the team will use in deciding.

But at last night's city council meeting, there was a bit of confusion about the value certain criteria could be assigned.

Consultant Ron Bidulka from PWC explained how council's decision would help provide direction to the site evaluation team.

"What we heard from this council back in March, was that cost and economic impact are likely going to be of greatest of highest importance to this council," Bidulka said.

Council had four options to choose from, each listing specific categories in order of importance.

Councillor Robert Kirwan wanted clarification on the process and how each category would be weighted in the final decision.

Robert Kirwan

Sudbury city councillor Robert Kirwan said he doesn't want the location of the proposed new events centre to based on "a mathematical number when so many questions...cancel each other out." (Yvon Theriault/Radio-Canada)

"Cause I don't want this selection of this very important event centre to be based on a mathematical number when so many questions in these groups cancel each other out," Kirwan said.

The selection team consists of:

  • Ron Henderson, special advisor to the CAO of Sudbury
  • Keith Forrester, acting director of asset services/manager of real estate
  • Jason Ferrigan, director of planning services
  • Ian Wood, director of economic development
  • Ron Bidulka, consultant PWC

Their report will be presented to council in June.