Two Sudbury city councillors say a new report on rural land development doesn’t go far enough for residents living in outlying areas.

One of those councillors is Evelyn Dutrisac who, for several years, has pushed for people who live on rural and farm land to have greater freedom to split their property into smaller lots.

"I'm upset with the whole system," Dutrisac said, after the report was presented at council's Monday night meeting.

"I think it's pathetic. I'm really sad and disgusted when I hear this."

City staff had previously promised to reconsider the rural land issue as part of the review of the city’s official plan, but have now said they want to shelve the question and keep the restrictions in place.

Andre Rivest, the councillor for Val Therese and Hanmer, also said he wasn't happy with the decision to maintain the restrictions. If the province wants to keep cutting the city’s funding, he said, the municipality must allow for more rural land to be developed, so it can fill its coffers.

"If they’re telling us you can’t have more lots than what you got — but you’re taking away money — how on earth do you want us to balance our budget," Rivest asked. "Cut fire protection? Take away snow plowing?"

A public meeting on rural land policy is set for the fall, and Sudbury’s official plan is set to be finalized in November.