Gardeners in northeastern Ontario who struggle to grow roses now have a new variety to try.

The Canadian Shield Rose has been created for Canada's 150th birthday celebrations this summer.

The Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, in the Niagara region, is the group behind the new variety of flower.

"It's specifically bred for the Canadian climate and the pressures we're going to put our plants through here," director of business development, Lana Culley said.

"So it's very cold-hardy, that's the first thing. It's good up to — or down to — minus 40 degrees Celsius ... it's also very disease resistant," she said, adding that the plant is rated a 'Zone 3b.'

Culley added that the rose has been years in the making.

"The cross that made this rose was done in 2001," she explained.

"So it does take awhile to select and look for the things that appeal. You might back-cross wild roses germplasm from other plants that survive winter, and you sort of slowly bring that into the genetics of the plant."

The roses will be available at retailers across the country.

Listen to Lana Culley's interview on CBC's northern Ontario afternoon show Up North here.