Sudbury's police chief says he will bring a skeptical mind when he attends a summit on Wednesday to discuss the growing price tag on police services.

Frank Elsner will assemble with other chiefs from across the country in Ottawa at a federal government-organized meeting.

In Sudbury, Elsner said the costs rise each year, a trend he says is happening across the country. But he said he's not sure what the summit’s outcome will be, especially with the federal government organizing it.

"What's interesting is that we had five police officers here, locally, funded through federal funding which, as of March this year … dried up to zero," Elsner said.

"We're kind of looking at the summit … a little skeptical … we all have to come together and understand our realities and on the other hand, they're taking this money away."

Elsner said 90 per cent of the police budget in Sudbury goes to wages and benefits and that police forces across Canada deal with similar fiscal challenges.