Rick Bartolucci re-elected in Sudbury

Liberal incumbent Rick Bartolucci was re-elected in Sudbury, but not without a scare from the NDP's Paul Loewenberg.

NDP's Paul Lowenberg provided some stiff competition

The bulk of northeastern Ontario ridings stayed Liberal and NDP during Ontario's 40th election. (Meagan Thomas)

It was a close call for Rick Bartolucci, but the incumbent eventually won with more than 42 per cent of the vote in the Liberal stronghold of Sudbury despite a strong showing from the NDP's Paul Loewenberg, who took 40 per cent.

"I had predicted this would be a very, very close race. Paul should be very proud of himself, as should the other candidates," Bartolucci said.

Green Party candidate Pat Rogerson received almost three per cent of the vote and PC Gerry Labelle took more than 13 per cent.