While most people are hoping for clear skies this summer, Kim Fahner is wishing for rain.

Sudbury's poet laureate has created the "Raining Poetry Project" for the downtown. Fahner will be painting the public's poetry on sidewalks later this summer using biodegradable paint that only shows up when wet.

"It's a bit mystical and whimsical," says Fahner.

The idea was inspired by a Mass Poetry project in Boston, MA and sidewalk poetry in Maple Ridge, BC. 

rain poetry from Boston

An example of rain poetry from Mass Poetry in Boston. The paint is only visible when wet. (Mass Poetry/Facebook)

"These poems don't have to have anything to do with rain at all," says Fahner. 

"I don't want people to feel like they're in Grade 10 English where they're forced to do a certain kind of haiku."

Poetic graffiti in downtown Sudbury

If rain isn't in the forecast, Fahner says she'll take the public on a poetry hike, and throw water balloons on the sidewalks.

"Let's just think about this creatively," she says.

"Do some poetic yoga."

Fahner is looking for five to 10 poems for the project. You can submit your work at the Greater Sudbury Public Library website by July 31. Once the poems are chosen, Fahner will tweet them out.

"I think it's my idea of poetic graffiti, but also the idea that poetry should be more accessible," says Fahner.

"It just lifts you up out of your regular day."

with files from Markus Schwabe