The Ministry of Natural Resources does not have enough staff to enforce laws against illegal hunting, fishing and logging, according to this week's Auditor General's report, but the ministry says signage and fencing will help stop banned activities.

President of the Sudbury Game and Fish Protective Association Felix Delongchamp says that while most hunters are ethical, the lack of MNR conservation officers does allow miscreants to abuse the situation.

"The nature of man is that where there is opportunity, they will take advantage of it," said Delongchamp.

"There are a number of people who are poachers and there's not enough enforcement to stop these."

Ontario Parks Director Bradley Fateaux denies that enforcement officers are the only way to cut down on illegal activities.

"Everything from signage to gates to fencing - sometimes we have monitoring devices and trail cams to help us," said Fateaux, listing the MNR department's solutions to prevent poaching.

"Signage is not a subsitute," argues Delongchamp. "We need people out in the field."