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  • Thursday May 25, 2017

    Audio The future of local education

    Enrolment in rural, remote schools is dwindling across the province. So what can be done? We heard some thoughts from parents and school board officials in northeastern Ontario at a public consultation event held in Warren.

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  • Thursday May 25, 2017

    Audio Sault Ste. Marie hospital getting more funding than other northern hospitals

    Why aren't all hospitals on the same playing field when it comes to provincial funding? That's what the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions wants to know. The CBC's Samantha Samson spoke with Michael Hurley, the president of the council.

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  • Thursday May 25, 2017

    Audio When the wheels on the bus don't go far enough

    A recent move to another area of Sudbury is causing problems for a mother in picking up her child from his bus stop. Sarah Thibault spoke with the CBC's Martha Dillman to explain why school bus service for her 9 year old son is falling a little short.

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  • Thursday May 25, 2017

    Audio Building up ambition in young girls

    Research shows that girls in grade 7 to 9 start to lose their ambition... their belief that they can succeed in their dreams. A free workshop for young women from in that age group is being offered in Sudbury. We heard more from Samantha Baulch.

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  • Thursday May 25, 2017

    Audio Disturbing signs in Lively

    Signs for a fish fry in Lively have stirred up some strong emotions. The signs were taken down by the city because of bylaw violations. The CBC's Jan Lakes spoke about the controversy with the city councillor for the area Michael Vagnini.

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