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  • Thursday February 22, 2018

    Audio Art show at the GNO in Sudbury features two very different approaches to portraits

    The latest exhibit at the Gallerie du Nouvel Ontario features the work of two artists... an experimental photographer and a traditional painter. It's called Portraits and brings together two very different styles. The CBC's Benjamin Aubé checked it out and had the chance to speak with both artists.

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  • Thursday February 22, 2018

    Audio Backroads Bill - Wetum Road

    Outdoor adventurer Bill Steer, a.k.a. Backroads Bill joined us to talk about a road which is only accessible during the winter. It's the Wetum Road from Smooth Rock Falls to Moose Factory.

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  • Thursday February 22, 2018

    Audio Getting into the head of an athlete

    What is going on inside the head of an Olympic athelete? We spoke to a sports psychologist from Sudbury who has a pretty good idea. Rob Schinke is a sports psychologist but he's also knows what it''s like to compete as an athlete.

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  • Thursday February 22, 2018

    Audio Helping young geoscientists improve their job skills

    15 young geoscientists are in Sudbury getting some work experience that they hope will translate into a job. A group called Next Gen Geo is helping them out. Jamal Amin is Managing Director of Next Gen Geo. He joined us in studio to talk about a little hands on experience can go a long way to helping young geologists.

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  • Wednesday February 21, 2018

    Audio More people accessing services at Sudbury's overnight shelter this year

    It's been a cold winter and that's meant a greater need for the services of Sudbury's overnight shelter. That's run by the Canadian Mental Health Association. It also runs a harm reductuion program out of the same space. The manager of the location is Cindy Rose. She spoke withb the CBC's Kate Rutherford about the year so far.

    Listen 6:43


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