Nunavut guy pumping gas

Late gas deliveries affected several gas stations in Sudbury on Thursday. (Grant Linton/CBC)

Recent highway closures and bad weather are delaying gas deliveries — and some gas stations in Sudbury ran dry for a few hours on Thursday.

Calls made by CBC News to several gas stations in the city found two completely out and several others out of certain grades of gasoline.

The spokesman for the Ontario Trucking Association said, as an example, recent fatal accidents on Highways 69 and 11 stopped traffic for hours for the police investigation.

“On top of that you have more roads that wind and turn, which make it difficult, which make plowing conditions more difficult,” Marco Beghetto said.

Highway conditions in mid-to-late December also delayed deliveries, he added.

Poor weather has been affecting shippers and receivers.

“Folks that are trying to get them from point A to point B [find] this type of weather certainly takes a bite out of everybody,” Beghetto said.

By Thursday afternoon the gas stations reported they'd received their deliveries and it was business as usual.