Provincial police are launching a week-long distracted driving campaign.

The OPP are reporting that, last year across the province, 83 people were killed in collisions where distracted driving was a factor.

That's more than people who were killed in collisions where alcohol was involved, they added.


OPP Inspector Mark Andrews (CBC)

In an attempt to further tackle the issue, police are encouraging the public to speak up. They want reports from people who see others driving while distracted.

"Get us a license plate number," OPP Inspector Mark Andrews said in an interview Monday.

"We will follow up on those investigations. We want to know about these drivers."

He said people can call 9-1-1, using their hands-free device or after pulling over to the side of the road. Information can also be submitted online through Facebook and Twitter.

Last year in Ontario, OPP laid almost 16,000 charges for distracted driving, Andrews said.