laird township, sault ste. marie ON

Four people — including a two-year-old child — are safe after breaking through the ice near Sault Ste. Marie Sunday.

Provincial Police and fire rescue responded after an ATV and a snowmobile went through the ice in Laird Township.

The four people on the machines managed to get out of the water and onto the ice. A police officer and a resident used a canoe to rescue three of the people. The officer also went through the ice during the rescue, but managed to get back to shore safely.

"Well, I went right through, pretty much up to my stomach area," OPP Constable Ben Cushley said.

"I was able to hold onto the canoe, along with the fellow who was helping, and we just kind of made our way. [We] held onto the canoe [as] best we could so we wouldn't be left in the water."

Fire officials were able to rescue the fourth person. Everybody was treated by ambulance and released.

Cushley said ice conditions in the region aren't great, and are expected to get worse this week due to the rising temperatures and rain in the forecast.

The OPP are reminding everyone that recent warm weather this week will make ice conditions unpredictable.