Sudbury Police are opening the doors to a new storefront location on Elgin Street Friday.

The temporary office will increase uniform presence in an area police say is a source of several complaints.

Greater Sudbury Police Service constable Meghan O'Malley said having officers embedded in a community keeps enforcement proactive and more accessible to members of the neighbourhood.

"[There are] some prostitution issues there," she said.

"There's been some issues of people loitering in the area, perhaps drinking in the area, or substance abuse issues in that particular area. So this location is going to be a good location for us to be and just to have a better communication with that neighbourhood as well."

O'Malley added storefront locations have been successful in other areas of the city.

Deputy Chief of Police Al Lekun said in a press release the downtown Sudbury location is an ideal spot for the police’s Community Response and Uniform Patrol officers to "facilitate their daily activities — from writing reports and taking statements to simply being accessible to the public and having a more stationary presence there."

"When we can place officers closer to the neighbourhoods and communities they police, it enhances our ongoing partnerships and improves our effectiveness at addressing community safety concerns," he said.