Police say information led them to stop seven secondary school students outside of Sudbury high schools on Monday.

All seven students had marijuana and some had drug paraphernalia, according to Sudbury Police Staff Sergeant Robin Tiplady, who is with the Neighbourhood Policing Unit.

Tiplady said police must have information, or a reason, to stop someone to search for drugs — and they respond to whatever information is passed on. In this case, information from school administration and Crimestoppers led to the drug sweeps.


“It depends on the nature of the information we get,” he said. “Sometimes we get Crimestoppers tips and other information that suggests … other sweeps. But I wouldn't suggest we're doing more sweeps than usual.”

Tiplady said the seven students have been sent back to school to face disciplinary action and their parents were notified.

The students are old enough to face charges, but won't.

“If it's a very small quantity, sometimes we use our discretion,” Tiplady said.

“If they've never been involved with the law before, we leave it to the schools to do the discipline. There are times we may have them attend the diversion program for youth.”

Drug sweeps on school property take place only when police are invited in by the schools, Tiplady noted.