Henry, 'Polar Picasso', paints with his paws at the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat

Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh — and Henry? A polar bear at the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat has been dipping his paws into the art supplies.

Proceeds from the sale of bear paintings goes to conservation and care of the animals

Henry, a polar bear at the Cochrance Polar Bear Habitat, "appears to be a talented painter," according to one of his former keepers.

Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh — and Henry? 

A polar bear at the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat has been dipping his paws into the art supplies.

Henry, the nearly-2-year-old 600 lb bear, was introduced to "painting" by his keepers, who claim the bear is "enriched" by the playful activity. 

"[He] seemed to enjoy the new smell and feel of paint on his paws," said Conservation Co-ordinator Dylan McCart in a press release. 

"At first he wasn't sure if he should eat it or walk through it, but he got the hang of it quickly." 

In a hat tip to Australia — the country from which Henry came — the non-toxic pig-fat paint the bear used was red and blue, the colours of the Australian flag. 

Paintings by the bears at the habitat are for sale, with proceeds going "towards the conservation and care of polar bears."

Watch Henry the polar bear paint here

Interested in acquiring a piece by Henry? His very first work is for sale

Henry's first painting is priced at $300, and proceeds support the care and conservation of polar bears. (


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