The last walls of the Pine street rooming house in Sudbury are being torn down in the next few days — and one local history buff is hoping to dispel a myth about its origin.

Gary Peck, who is with the Sudbury branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, told CBC News several people believe the Pine street rooming house was Sudbury's first hospital.

But Peck said it was most likely built as extra accommodation for a hotel.

"The Balmoral hotel [was] just down the street,” he said. “When they had more people wanting to stay than they had room for, at least [they] had this adjacent property to the west. And I think that's what it was for, was for housing."

The Algoma-Nipissing hospital was located in the empty lot beside the Pine street rooming house, Peck added.

It was Sudbury's third hospital and burned down in 1989.