OPP officers are holding recruitment events later this month in the northeast. But there are some things about policing you can only learn on the job.

"Well it's definitely a learning curve," says Const. André Taschereau.

"You're seeing a lot of things in life that a regular person doesn't see on an every day basis."

Training sessions last for around two hours. Hopefuls have the chance to connect with current cops, ask questions about the future of the force and learn how they might be able to specialize skills for certain units.

But much of the job is learned outside of a classroom.

Part of Taschereau's 29-year career has been mentoring new officers as they learned the ropes of law enforcement. He says you never really know how you'll react to calls, or how you'll build trust with the people you're trying to protect.

"I think officers have to come in with an open mind and say 'I want to help the public,'" says Taschereau.

"I think it's up to the individual to develop trust as he or she goes on in their career."

Cops up north develop 'fantastic' communication skills

The force is starting its recruitment for the January 2018 period, and are looking to hire 100 officers across Ontario.

Inspector Sue Clark, manager of uniform recruitment for the OPP, says those officers are meant to help fill vacancies left by retiring staff. She says vacancy numbers in the northeast are fluid, so it's hard to tell how many members are needed in the area right now.

When officers are posted up north, and work in smaller communities, Clark says they have more chances to connect with residents.

She says she sees a difference in officers who spend time in the northeast when they come down to southern Ontario.

"They're fantastic communicators and their interpersonal skills are second to none in my opinion," Clark says. 

"They might not have answered the same number of calls for service as someone in the south, but they certainly have interpersonal skills developed."

The information sessions will be in Sudbury and North Bay in late August.

with files from Samantha Samson