Ontario Provincial Police are ramping up their efforts to collect tips from the public in an on-going murder investigation in Estaire, south of Sudbury, but police are still releasing few details about the case.

A tip line has been set up to collect information and Crime Stoppers is also offering a reward for information.

Last Monday, 40-year-old Sheri-Lynn McEwan was seriously injured in a home in Estaire and she died from her inuries.

Sheri-Lynn McEwan

The investigation continues into the murder of 40-year-old Sheri-Lynn McEwan. Provincial police remain in Estaire, about 25 kilometres south of Sudbury on Highway 69, trying to put the pieces together. Police won't say whether they have a suspect in the case. (Facebook)

Police will not confirm any details about a potential suspect, but they do say no arrests have been made in the case.

A sergeant with provincial police acknowledges OPP have not released a lot of information.

“I know it’s difficult for the public because a lot of the public wants some answer and they’d like to know some more information,” Carolle Dionne said.

“We wish we could be in [a] position to be able to release more information, but doing so would be crucial to the case. So, we can’t release more specifics.”

Dionne added if police release too much information, it could not only jeopardize the current investigation, but a future court case and chances of a conviction.

She said police are also asking the public to phone in any information that may assist with the investigation.

“Anything that was out of sorts that day or the day before … even the week before that you may have observed,” she said.

“[A] different vehicle in the area, different person walking around in the area, anything that was out of sorts for you. As minor as the detail is, it could be that crucial piece that could help us in solving this crime.”

Dionne did say the murder is currently not linked to other on-going homicide investigations.

‘Public safety should be heightened’

As for public safety in the community of Estaire, Dionne said people should be extra vigilant.

“Sometimes we become complacent of that because this if a familiar environment for us. This is home. This is our neighbourhood,” she explained.

Carolle Dionne - OPP

Carolle Dionne is a sergeant with the Ontario Provincial Police. (Martha Dillman/CBC)

“But especially in this situation here right now, our public safety should be heightened. Pay attention to your environment. Pay attention to your safety at all times.”

Officers still on scene

Dionne said OPP are using all the resources they have to find out what happened, and police are still in Estaire gathering evidence.

“From E-crime from our criminal profiling unit, as well as our forensic identification unit, anything that they collect that can help them solve this crime,” she said.

“So that includes going into swampy waters, in ditches in areas that you may not think that there might be a piece of evidence there for us to find.”

Tips can be phoned into the police through a tip line at 1-866-220-2505 or through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).