Sudbury police have released an update in a robbery case Wednesday involving a possible explosive.

Police say at about 4:30 p.m.Wednesday, dispatchers received a call that a man walked into a Northern Credit Union in Capreol and said he had a bomb strapped to his chest.

He demanded money, and then left.

Police say no explosive device was seen and no one was hurt.

But, police now say the man left a device of some kind behind.

The OPP's bomb squad was called in to help, and the device was "rendered inoperable.”

But, whether it was actually a bomb remains unknown at this point.

As for the suspect, details are scant.

Police said he was heavily disguised by a black hoody, black scarf, baseball hat, sunglasses and was shielded from cameras by an umbrella.

As for a motive, witnesses report hearing the suspect say he was robbing the bank because he'd recently lost his job, police said.

The man was seen getting into a small grey or beige vehicle.

Police said they don't think he's still in the area.