Not enough for northern Ont. in budget, MP says

Sudbury New Democrat MP Glenn Thibeault says the federal government's latest budget doesn't include enough for northern Ontario.

Sudbury NDP MP Glen Thibeault says his party will review federal budget, suggest changes

Sudbury New Democrat MP Glenn Thibeault says the federal government's latest budget doesn't include enough for northern Ontario.

And while Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s budget includes funding for the Ring of Fire, Thibeault said it’s not a lot of money.

"It's $4.4 million dollars over three years. And that's to look at negotiations and the startup with Aboriginals and First Nations groups," he said.

Thibeault noted he is pleased the budget includes an independent ministry for FedNor, the economic development agency for Northern Ontario — something the New Democrats had been calling for.

But the government has reduced funding for regional development, he added.

"They put $200 million to … support manufacturing in southern Ontario, but nothing similar for northern Ontario."

Thibeault said the NDP will now meet to review the 400-page budget in detail and propose changes.