Several hundred medical students from six different schools across Ontario will be in Sudbury this weekend.

The 450 students will be taking part in a conference hosted by the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.

Talia Ryan, one of the organizers, says the first-year students will be able to attend a variety of talks and do hands on work, including practicing stitching up wounds.

"This is their first exposure to that sort of thing," she said.

"Many students don't get hands-on clinical skills until their third or fourth year of medicine. So, it is really exciting for the students."

Talia Ryan

Talia Ryan is one of the organizers of a student conference for medical students that will take place in Sudbury. (Markus Schwabe/CBC)

Students will also be able to attend workshops, including one that focuses on wilderness medicine. Ryan says that event will take place on the trails at Laurentian University.

"Our scenario for the weekend is students will be on two-week hiking trip in Temagami and they will be about 80 kilometres deep into their hike," she said.

"They will be faced with a trauma situation where one of their fellow comrades will have fallen down an escarpment and break his ankle."

NOSM recently reported that 94 per cent of its graduates who have completed their doctor of medicine and residency programs are now working in northern Ontario. Ryan says she hopes doctors from outside of the north consider this region when choosing where to live.

"My vision for this conference … was to ultimately help students recognize how amazing it is to practice medicine in northern Ontario," she said.