Northerners between Chapleau and Timmins are having some transportation issues.

Particularly affected by the closure of Highway 101 are residents of Foleyet, a small community about 100 kilometers west of Timmins.

Last week, high water washed out several sections of the highway.

The Ministry of Transportation closed the highway between Chapleau and Timmins, but one resident of Foleyet said that leaves the community with few options for travel.

Highway 101 washout

Crews with the ministry of transportation are working to repair sections of Highway 101 near Foleyet, east of Timmins. Last week, high water levels washed out parts of the highway. (Andrej Benedicic/Supplied)

Andrej Benedici said there is an emergency bypass road, but it is in bad shape with the thaw happening this time of year.

“The more people that use that road, it just starts to deteriorate more,” he said.

“The mud gets thicker and deeper, and harder to pass by.”

Benedici said when he attempted to access the road over the weekend; he came across a stuck mini-van with an unhappy driver inside.

“They were pretty upset that somebody told them this road was okay to take,” he said.

Problems with repairs

Kristen Franks, a spokesperson with the Ministry of Transportation, said the weather isn’t cooperating for crews to get repairs done.

“Water levels were just too high to even estimate what damage had occurred,” she said.

Franks said repairs were scheduled to be begin Monday afternoon.

There’s no estimate as to when the highway will be fully repaired and open.

Information on provincial highways can be found on the ministry of transportation website.