More northern Ontario residents are sending in their pictures and videos of lynx to CBC News.

Micheline Lamoureux of Timmins spotted a lynx in her driveway on Monday and posted this video of the animal.

Timmins police have killed three lynx in recent weeks because of concerns over public safety.

In response, Timmins Police will partner with the Ministry of Natural Resources to release information about what people should do if they see a lynx.

Police spokesperson Kate Cantin said for those who are concerned about their safety — when it comes to a lynx or any wildlife — to contact police.

"That doesn't necessarily mean that they should call every time they see a wild animal, but definitely give us a call if they feel like something isn't right or if they feel like they're in danger," she said.

Cantin said the MNR is recommending people remove bird feeders, as they attract squirrels, which are eaten by lynx. She added pet food should not be left outdoors, and dogs should be kept on a short leash when out for a walk.

Check out the photogallery below of pictures shared with CBC News: