Thousands of police officers from across the country are in Moncton to honour three RCMP officers who were killed by a gunman last Wednesday.

Police from several detachments in northeastern Ontario, including Greater Sudbury Police, are also there.

Sudbury police Cst. Chris Kerr attended the funeral.

Kerr said it’s a sad day.

“[There was] lots of hugging and things like that, [which] you don’t usually see police officers do,” he said.

“The community is very supportive. There are signs everywhere saying ‘Thank you RCMP.’”

Kerr said he’s spoken with several residents in Moncton who are still trying to comprehend what happened.

“They described the fear and the tension when the community was basically on lockdown,” he said.

“They’d never seen so many police officers before in their lives.”

About 7,000 officers are in Moncton and Kerr said many are reflecting on their profession. 

“It’s very scary. This happened so suddenly … they responded quickly. When an officer responds to a call like that, they’re going towards the danger while everyone else is running away,” he said.

“It’s definitely scary, but at the same time, it’s what we signed on to do and you want to protect your community.”

Recognizing the dangers in the profession

Kerr was joined by about five other police officers from the Greater Sudbury Police detachment, police chief Paul Pedersen said.

“It’s a moment where communities and police officers specifically hug their children a little closer, when we recognize the dangers inherent with our profession.”