People living along the Vermilion River are beginning to worry about rising water levels.

One resident who lives alongside the river near Dowling in Sudbury said he's seen higher water levels in previous years, but the warm weather and prospect of some more rain in the forecast have him worried.

"We've been getting warm weather ... but not enough to melt," Gerry Samson said.

'Get rid of the snow, get rid of the flood and then let’s go camping.' —Linda Miles, campground operator near Dowling

"And then we want that cold weather in the night, so the water starts to recede. Our climate is changing so much that it’s unbelievable. You can't predict it."

Linda Miles, who runs Hidden Village Campgrounds near Dowling, said this isn't the highest she's ever seen the river, either.

But she's worried the water levels may continue to rise in the coming days.

"Whatever happens, I just want it to happen," she said.

"Get rid of the snow, get rid of the flood and then let’s go camping."

The Nickel District Conservation Authority said it is monitoring the Vermilion, Wahnapitae and Onaping rivers as snow from north of Sudbury continues to melt.

The organization said it figures there areas north of the city that are still covered with about 45 cm of snow.

Nipissing area still under flood watch

The Ministry of Natural Resources says water levels on Lake Nipissing continue to rise and the area remains under a flood watch.

In recent days, the lake rose 7 cm and is now almost at the top of its summer operating range, the MNR reported.

No significant precipitation is in the forecast for the area, but the MNR said warm daytime temperatures could affect the snowmelt.

They are also reporting Lake Nipissing has an intact ice sheet which may shift, causing property damage. Residents along the lake have been advised to protect property along the shoreline.

Separate flood warnings have been issued for the Sturgeon River watershed and the French River (below the public works and government services Canada dams).