As part of Canada's 150th birthday celebration, CBC is releasing a book called What's Your Story, A Canada 2017 Yearbook.

It's a collection of stories from a large, diverse group of Canadians with different backgrounds, including North Bay's Dennis Moore.

Picking a standout memory for him was easy. In 1952, Moore was a soldier in the Korean War.

"I got out of my trench and was I told to meet a jeep down at the reverse slope of our hill that we were on," he recalled.

"There was my company commander who was in his jeep at the bottom and he said 'Moore, jump in'."

Dennis Moore

Dennis Moore of North Bay was a soldier in the Korean War. (Supplied/Dennis Moore)

Five minutes later, they arrived at a frozen river, complete with a hockey rink.

"The minister of defence had flown over and promised us [equipment] and we didn't sort of believe it," he said.

But the equipment had arrived, and Moore says the soldiers took time to drop their weapons and pick up hockey sticks.

"It was a fun game but we didn't go there to lose," he said with a laugh.

Moore says the game got the attention of soldiers from a number of countries. He also says the locals started paying attention, including South Korean farmers who "thought it was just fantastic."

He says he's proud the Canadian government sent hockey equipment so soldiers could find "a bit of recreation in the middle of a war."

"It sure worked," he said. "That made me proud as hell."

Moore will be going back to Korean next year to take part in a special ceremony dedicated to the that famous hockey game.