A North Bay nurse has been fired for speaking publicly about violence witnessed at her workplace, according to a union leader. 

Michael Hurley, the president of CUPE's Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, said the nurse was dismissed from her job at the North Bay Regional Health Centre last Friday after her comments were quoted in a news release issued by her union.

"We'll be taking legal action to get her reinstated," Hurley told CBC News.

According to a news release from the union, staff are easy targets for violence, and they face reprisal for reporting violent incidents.

"The expectation is that being hit is part of the job — where no one is allowed to speak except people who are authorized," Hurley said.

The health centre would not confirm whether the nurse was canned for her comments or another reason. Hospital president Paul Heinrich said in a statement issued to CBC News that he cannot comment on personnel matters due to privacy concerns. 

It's unclear when the official union grievance will be filed. 

Meanwhile on Sunday night, there was an incident against a nurse in the same psychiatric hospital.

North Bay police said they were called to the hospital around 9 p.m. because a patient had allegedly trapped a nurse in his room and would not let her leave.

A 52-year-old man has been charged with forcible confinement.

Police said the nurse was not physically injured.