Vic Fedeli says northern Ontario's healthcare has been compromised by ORNGE, the province's air ambulance service.

The Nipissing MPP said on Tuesday that he knows of at least 10 occasions when healthcare was put at risk — and in three of those cases, a patient died as a result.

Fedeli said the interior design of the ORNGE helicopters does not allow for proper care.

"Last July 17th in Capreol, a patient died after the ORNGE paramedics couldn't perform CPR due to the helicopter's interior," he said.

Health Minister Deb Matthews responded to Fedeli at Queen’s Park, saying that families of the people who died deserve to hear the truth.

"I rely on the coroner, the chief coroner of the province of Ontario. He has the credibility. He has the skills. He reviews these cases thoroughly."

But the debate continues as new information comes to light.

Nickel Belt NDP MPP France Gelinas said Wednesday former ORNGE paramedic Trevor Kidd knew about problems at the organization and tried to sound the alarm by contacting several people – including people at the Ministry of Health.

"Mr. Kidd was so concerned about what was happening at ORNGE that he actually felt he had to resign," Gelinas said. "He went to his father who happened to be the mayor of Temiskaming Shores, Carmen Kidd, so that he could ask him to help ring the alarm bells."

Government house leader John Milloy responded by saying that concern were heard and dealt with.

"We have a minister of health who’s taken decisive action to address the concerns at ORNGE," Milloy said. "We have a new leadership at ORNGE."

Opposition parties have been calling on the health minister to resign after reports of financial irregularities and delays in dispatching helicopters for care.