Sault Ste. Marie police and the Algoma Health Unit are warning the public of a new opioid in the community.

Police say that traces of powdered cyclopropyl fentanyl was found as part of a recent drug bust in the Sault.

After seizing the drugs, Sault police turned over samples to Health Canada for analysis.

They identified a portion of the samples as containing cyclopropyl, which is an opioid, but whose effects are still shrouded in mystery. 

Cayman Chemicals, a Michigan-based company that manufactures a type of cyclopropyl fentanyl, says the opioid is used in forensics and in neuroscience.

Const. Sonny Spina of the Sault police said it's the first time this type of opioid has been found in the community, but it should be treated with caution.

"It's a variation of fentanyl linked to overdoses and deaths in Canada," Spina said. "But we don't really have anything it would normally be used for."

"Definitely not any kind of human drug issues. No real reason for a human to consume this," he said. "This isn't even intended for animal use."

Police are asking the public to call with any more information.