Two people from New Liskeard are in hospital after a motorcycle collision involving a bear.

Provincial police report the incident happened on Monday around 8 p.m. on Highway 65 west in Kerns Township. A bear quickly came on to the highway, and was hit by the motorcycle.

Driver Matthew Duke, 44, sustained non-life threatening injuries and was transported by ambulance to the hospital. 

Passenger Nicole Galley, 44, sustained serious injuries and was transported by air ambulance to the hospital. 

In a press release issued Wednesday, police advised the public to remember that wildlife is a risk on the highway at all times.

"Look ahead and scan the road continuously when you are driving," the release stated.

"If you see wildlife, slow down and pass carefully.  Wildlife is unpredictable.  Brake firmly if you see an animal standing on, or crossing the road.  Stop as safely as possible and never assume that the animal will move out of your way. If one animal crosses the road, others may follow."