Sudbury city planners are recommending that the old general hospital be converted into condominiums. There have been some major changes to the blueprints since they were first revealed to the public this summer.

When Panaromic Properties unveiled its plans for the old hospital building, it wasn't the condos themselves that got the most attention — it was their plan to put in a spa and a restaurant overlooking Ramsey Lake.


The former hospital located in downtown Sudbury could soon house 210 condominium units. (Google Street View)

Both of those extras have now been dropped and, instead, the developer is fitting in 20 more condo units, for a total for 210.

The new plans also see more of the former hospital property landscaped, to blend in better with surrounding Bell Park.

But some Sudburians believe the land off Paris Street should be part of the park and wanted the city to buy it when it was for sale a few years ago. Some believe it can't be privately owned, under the conditions laid out by the Bell family when they donated the land to the people of Sudbury decades ago.

All those competing points of view will be considered by the planning committee on Oct. 22, with a final decision by all Sudbury city council coming a few weeks later.