A Sudbury brewing company says it's re-branding two of its brews after a call from Moosehead breweries.

Stack owner Shawn Mailloux said the owner of Moosehead called him a couple of weeks ago to tell him the company has the sole rights to the word "moose" when it comes to beer.

Shawn Mailloux

Shawn Mailloux opened Stack Brewing in 2012. (Megan Thomas/CBC)

​Mailloux says that means Stack's Angry Moose and Friendly Moose are going to get new names.

Mailloux said it'll cost a lot to change the brand but he can't fight it.

“They also have spent a lot of money in regards to trademarking the word 'moose' when it comes to beer and, anything ... about moose when it comes to beer,” he said.

"I'm not going to challenge him in regards to that. I did a little research with my copyright lawyer in regards to that."

Mailloux said he's opted to take "the path of least resistance" because "I don't have the funds to challenge a major brewery. They've been kind enough ... there's been no legal action or anything like that ... I'm not going to put up a fight against him."

He said his company is no threat to Moosehead.

“We're up here in Sudbury, a tiny little brewery, I didn't think we were on anybody's radar, let alone Moosehead breweries.”

Friendly moose pale ale

Stack Brewing's Angry Moose and Friendly Moose are going to get new names. (Stack Brewing/Facebook)

New names for the "angry" and "friendly" brews will be released Dec. 18.

Mailoux posted this note to Stack's Facebook page Monday afternoon:

"It’s with a heavy heart that I’m making this next post. Stack is growing and becoming noticed in the beer scene and we unfortunately appeared on someone’s radar. Canada is only home to one Moose and we will be going through a re-branding of Angry Moose and Friendly Moose.

"The brains at Stack are in a whirlwind right now with everything going on, but being from Northern Ontario makes us a hardy bunch. We will survive. The name will be different but the beer will be the same. Join us Dec. 18 at the Fromagerie Elgin to say goodbye to these two beer brands and help us usher in two new Stack beers and say farewell to the Moose."