It's not every day that the police block off streets so that a moose can make its way through them.

But that's what happened in Timmins, Ont., on Saturday afternoon, when police got a call about a moose on the loose.

Police say the moose spent some time in Elm Street North before it crossed Algonquin Boulevard and ended up in the south end of the city.

"Police followed and blocked roads to ensure the moose's journey did not impede traffic," police spokesperson Kate Cantin told Radio-Canada in an email.

Police say they kept up with the moose and guided it to the tree line in the Wilcox Street and Sterling Avenue area.

"There were fortunately no collisions as a result of this and the moose got back into the bush safely," Cantin said.

A part of the moose's trip through town was recorded on video by Chris Belec, who shared the recording with Radio-Canada.