Milkweed is one plant that Monarch butterflies are attracted to. (Marina von Stackelberg)

Anne Boulton

Anne Boulton is a gardening enthusiast in Sudbury. (Supplied)

An avid gardener in Sudbury is encouraging people to plant milkweed and other plants to attract monarch butterflies.

Some plants — especially milkweed — help attract that type of butterfly, which has been in decline in recent years.

Anne Boulton said she planted three milkweed plants near her composter in the backyard.

But there are others that can help the monarch population, Boulton said.

"Other plants that are important for nectar, like marigolds … sweet william, and vineas, bee balms, black-eyed susan, just to name a few, are important nectar plants for the monarch butterfly."

If everyone were to grow just one plant on their property to support the monarch population, their numbers would likely increase over time, Bolton said.

Science North in Sudbury is also letting milkweed grow on its property in the hope of attracting monarch butterflies.

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