A 39-year-old Levack man who has not been seen since early Tuesday afternoon is now presumed to be drowned, Sudbury Police report.

Earlier today, an OPP helicopter surveyed the area of Onaping River and there was no sighting of the missing man.

Police said there is evidence to suggest the man drowned, and the matter is now deemed to be a recovery situation.

Sudbury police has asked the OPP to deploy its dive team in the recovery effort.

The terrain in this particular area is challenging, police said, and the current is very strong. How the recovery attempt will be conducted has yet to be decided.

Sudbury police reported earlier they received a call Tuesday evening that a 39-year-old man had left his home, but never arrived at his destination.

A family member went looking for him, and found a single set of footprints at the end of High Street in Levack, heading toward open water on a river.

Personal items were found next to the river, police said.